The Balloonisterer Project

Saturday, May 08, 2010

And so to Twitter

Well, nearly 4 years since I bothered and to be honest, MySpace has only been useful as it hosts Mike Scott's blog, he of the Waterboys.

Anyway, MySpace seems to be sinking almost as fast as Bebo, so, I cannae be arsed to continue.

So, the blog remains for a while, but Balloonisterer moves to Twitter 'cos I don't want anyone else to nick my name. Especially as I use it on The Guardian (like the time when it was a featured contribution to Reader's Recommend music - some claim to fame!).

But, no breath holding, please.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Some progress

Well it's been a while. I have friends, well family and some bands.

I don't like asking to be someone's friends, but I was browsing bands from my past, and came across the official home page of the Residents (anonymous art musicians with a penchant for eyeball nasks, and over 30 years of anonymity. Makes them heroes. And for good measure, I share a name with their occasional guitar gues, Snakefinger, well sort of. Only, at the point of reading, it turns out their MySpace page is a few hours old and they have exactly one friend; so I need to apply to be a friend and I remained in their top 7 for ages.

As a result, I've been invited to be lots of friends to lots of really unusual bands, all with some merit. Which is cool, to find music you'd never find elsewhere.

But no other people to interact with. I tried a bulletin and got a reply, which was nice.

Anyway, the way to subvert MySpace is the economy with facts - information is currency, so spend it carefully.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Beginning the Balloonisterer Project

Here's how it started:
  • Cheatisterer was the phrase used to describe my wife cheating at Uno.
  • Balloonist is a word which drives my dog Denzil crazy (from a cartoon by Guardian regular Stephen Appleby)
  • Powder Finger is a great song by Neil Young
  • MySpace is a place my students and family live, part time
  • is my MySpace, but I don't want it to be about me (though the facts down the sides are true, there just aren't many)
Balloonisterer project is about what can be done by balloonisterer, a MySpaceisterer without stock (photoshopped?) images of myself with 'real' people, to prove I can have real friends apart from Tom.

Let's see what happens next.

I'll try to not be too narrow, so music - Nick Cave - only discovered him last year throught the 'Best of...': wow: love, murder, faith, murder (he likes murder). 'The Ship Song' - if you like a nice collection of love songs like James Blunt or Dido, well get a Doctor's note first